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Conference Breakers

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Our conference breaker tasks can be set out at most conference venues and can last from 20 minutes to a full day or more. We can organise activities for a minimum of 6 delegates and a maximum of 200. Usually we split the group up into smaller teams of 6-12 delegates, depending on the activities. Please contact us for a quote.


Indoor Tasks
Stay indoors but get active

Our indoor team building tasks and challenges are usually set out as competitions, but can be a giant team effort, if desired. From our Paper Bridge Grand Prix, international marble run, egg drop challenge to tower building – our tasks are sure to entertain the delegates, add fun to a conference and deliver valuable learning outcomes. We can add review and debrief sessions after each task to identify strengths in a team and contribute to the overall success of your conference.


Outdoor Adventure
Get up and get out – a shared adventure

The choice of outdoor adventure conference breakers will depend largely on your conference venue. If there is a body of water, we can run raft building, canoeing or the great bridge build, if there are appropriate trees, we can set up a low ropes course, if we are near a crag, we can run climbing and abseiling sessions. Nearly anywhere we can run mountain biking and orienteering/treasure hunts. Just contact us to find out what is available at your conference venue.

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Problem Solving
Get the thinking hats on in a fun and active manner

Our problem solving tasks consist of challenges lasting 20 – 40 minutes and include the Honey Pot, Running A, Blind Shapes, Bomb disposal, Sipder’s Web, Cross Country Skis, Handcuffs, Drainpipe Deluge and many, many more. The can be run as independent conference breakers, one at a time or as an afternoon of consecutive challenges with review sessions in between. These are hands on activities but do not require great physical fitness or strength.


1, 2, 3 – ready for our team competitions?

Our conference breaker competitions can be a mix of all the challenges and tasks described above but set out as a competition between teams. We have run very successful events “Olympian Style” with a number of tasks involved, medals for winners and runners up, podiums and certificates.  The competitions can be set up very adventurous (i.e. include mountain biking and raft building) or low level as a mix of archery, problem solving and orienteering.


Our conference breaker tasks are a great way to get some really good team photographs as well!

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